Video Editing

2 Cameras, 1 Phone, and 100 or so Balloons.

Over the last year I have been doing a little experiment using mixed video and audio sources in a series of small video productions. No commercial projects just a series of personal projects to test workflow, camera  comparisons, and end results. The video below was shot a couple of weeks back at the Great Midwest Balloon festival on a Canon 5D MkII, and Olympus OMD EM-1, an iPhone 4s, and 5. All the footage was imported directly into Adobe Premier, with video stabilizing, and color correction being handled by After Effects.

What I was looking for was could I spot the difference between cameras, and how would the Adobe workflow handle the differing camera footage when they were mixed. I have to say, once again I am pretty impressed with the way things turned out. The OMD did a great job, and it is almost impossible to tell the difference between the footage it produced from the 5D. Even the iPhone footage when color balanced and graded in After Effects looks pretty impressive, and blends in just fine with that from the larger cameras. It’s pretty amazing just how much things have changed form a shooting and editing perspective in just the last few years. I never would have tried this five years ago.

All About the Little Things.

I’m going to give a hat tip to Indian Motorcycles for being smart enough to get Mike Wolfe from American Pickers to be in their series of YouTube videos promoting the new bikes. I’m going to give Indian a big F circled in Red, and underlined for doing such an awful job on the audio production of these clips. Seriously guys, buy a wind sock for your microphones if your shooting outside, and who told you it was a good idea to mix Mike Wolfe exclusively on the right, and Greg Brew exclusively on the left?

Indian has spent a lot of money producing a series of videos to promote the rebirth of the brand, and the bikes. They have developed a nice looking YouTube channel to hold all of this content which is integrated with a dedicated website. The Indian site has a killer look that draws on the company heritage. The videos themselves have a nice look to them as well especially the promotional videos that were obviously produced by Indian’s Agency of Record. So it blows me away, that they would get Mike Wolfe to participate in a series of storytelling/brand building videos with their lead designer; and then they would drop the ball on a very important detail like the audio. I know most people won’t care, or even notice, but the crew that signed off on this stuff should have. It’s their job to pay attention to the small details that complete the package.

Now I don’t want to come off as “That Guy” so… The title cards look great, the opening screens look great, nice job on animating the type, solid editing and camera work… the audio just makes it hard for me to watch these.

It’s Wednesday. Here is Some Mid-Week Animation Inspiration.

A little over a year ago I posted a short little video from Evan Seitz titled “ABCinema” At the time I said I was jealous of the quality of his work, and I’m here to say it again. Below are the other short animations from the series. These are fantastic. Superb motion design, animation, sound design, editing, illustration, and layout. I could watch these all day. Great work. Really great work.


Wide Web World by Paul Wex.

OK this is one impressive use of technology, meets inventive video creativity.  captured what could best be described as virtual city scape fly overs using Nokia 3D Maps on the site He then edited the clips together in Final Cut Pro 7 and did his post work in the same tool.

All the shots are virtual. The movement is done by panning the virtual camera by hand over the various cityscapes. It’s a nice concept, and a nice piece of work. His edits are timed to the music, and while there are some hiccups in the video captures, it doesn’t impact the overall look of the finished work.

Waiting Out Winter.

Kansas City is about to get hit with the first major snow storm it has experienced in two years. Because of the impending end of winter storm, I thought I’d post this little video about waiting out winter. This is a really well done video, making great use of time-lapse photography, and really solid sound design.

Cast & Salvage ///
Directed by: Andrew David Watson ///
Music : Huma-Huma ///
Radio Voice Over: Blake Delong

Friday Inspiration. Macro: a Neon Christmas

Here it is Friday, December 21, 2012. The first day of winter. The day the Mayan’s said the world would end. The day with the shortest amount of daylight all year long, and just four days until Christmas. Over the last few weeks on YouTube and Vimeo, there have been a number of holiday video posts. Some good, some bad, and some that are outstanding. The video below from Neon, falls into that last category. Watch it, and then click here to see how it was made. This is really an amazing blend of technique, vision, craft, and skill.

Calling All Designers. The Modern Craft Project.

Wallpaper magazine has teamed up with Kettle One Vodka to to identify and support today’s craftspeople (Great Britain, Germany, Brazil, and Australia only for now) who want to take their work, skills, and themselves to the next level. The Modern Craft Project is an ambitious undertaking that is open to anyone that thinks they have what it takes.

To promote the project Wallpaper and Kettle One have created a wonderful little video featuring various craftspeople practicing what they do best. While I love the idea of promoting the arts, that isn’t why I am posting this video. I’m posting it because of the editing and sound design. The look is great. Shallow depth of field, focus on the work being done, etc. The editing though, just crushes it. The cuts set up a visual rhythm that builds with ambient audio that creates a percussive musical score for the piece, and then fades into the quiet of the artisans in their studios.  If you have headphones put them on while watching, if not turn up the volume.

Here is a secondary support video that I found while trying to find production credits for the video above. The video that is loaded on Vimeo is more of a brand promotion for Ketel One, but still supports and links to The Modern Craft Project. And yes this video is really well made as well.