From Peter Quinn, “Shit Showreels Say”

This is pretty funny, and spot on for quite a few show reel /sizzle reels out there. If you work in the fields of film and broadcast, or motion graphics, the video below from   is for you. If you like what you see in the video and want to add this kind of snap to your sizzle reel, you can download Quinn’s project files here.

“I love showreels, and make sure to watch a few every morning with my first coffee. Noticing my own reel was insanely out-of-date got me thinking about reels in general. Here are a few of the obvious 2D and 3D showreel tropes I could think of (and am guilty of, too) mashed together into one almighty anti-showreel!” 

Lotta Kühlhorn on Designing Patterns.

One of the things that has impressed me over the last few years about publisher Gestalten, is their use of emerging media channels to promote the books they produce. Over the last few years, Gestalten has begun producing videos that are published on their site, as well as social media channels like Vimeo for each book. With new upload, the videos get better, and more involved. A solid example of this is from the book “Designing Patterns‘ featuring the work of Swedish designer Lotta Kühlhorn. The video below is a casual interview about her process and inspiration. It features not only pages from the book but animated patterns created from her work interspersed with Kühlhorn talking.

As for the book itself, it is typical Gestalten quality. Wonderfully laid out pages, in depth editorial, insight into the artist work flow, and extra features like a CD filled with templates for experimentation by beginners and professionals alike.

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This Made My Palms Sweat. “The Balloon Highline”.

This is just insane. Seriously watching this video made my palms sweat. Leave it to some crazy French guys to try and walk a slack-line between two hot air balloons. Oh and there is a clown, yes a clown in the video that ads to the scary factor. Yes, clowns are scary. If the ballon video below doesn’t scare you, and you want to see more high-wire acts, they have a documentary you can watch on Vimeo here.

Watch Making. “The manufactory” from Peter Wollring.

Having returned from my snow walk I thought I would thaw out while perusing some fine video work on Vimeo. While trolling through the people I follow I came across this fairly new upload from . It showcases the manufacture of NOMOS watches in Glashütte, Germany with some great camera work, solid editing, and tight features on what makes NOMOS watches stand out.