Representing a Dying Art Form.

The video below highlights the rich history of sign painting in Dublin. As a person that started his graphic design career doing hand lettering, this short film captures something I hold dear. The art of craft, the art of creating by hand. Watching the people in this film hand letter signage with brush and paint is truely wonderful. Listening to a son talk about his father, grandfather, and great grandfather all passing the craft forward to the next generation is simply fantastic.

House of Radon, “Estelle’s Story”.

This beautiful animation from House of Radon, for Refugees United doesn’t need me to make any comments. The artwork, story and outcome speak for themselves. Watch, share and go to Refugees United to see how you can help.

Director & Animation: Johan Alenius
Producer: Einar Bodström
Creative Director: David Dworsky
Copywriter: Samuel Sweetman
Sound: Erik Olsson, Redpipe Sound Design
Music: Carl Åborg

Estelle’s voice: Secunda Wood
Narrator: Mads Mikkelsen, Refugees United’s Goodwill Ambassador

The Right to Brand

You might have put “branding”, or “brand development” as a skill on your LinkedIn profile, because at one point in time you worked on a “branding” project for your company or a client. By default that doesn’t mean you really know about branding. I say that because brands and branding are so complex by nature it would be hard to define it as a single skill. If you have any doubts about what I am saying, watch the video below, then ask yourself are you an expert at all the things talked about in this 3 minute video. I say expert, because if you are going to add it to your work profile on a social network designed to get you work, you better have done more than occasionally worked on a branding project.

Career Choices, and Work Experiences.

Not everyone finds a job, or career, that they truly love doing. Something they are passionate about. Something that allows them to be creative, and passionate about what they get to do everyday. If you do, count your blessings and be happy. I’m one of the fortunate ones. I love my career.  I get to make something new and exciting every single day.

“Your relationship with work is largely determined by your past. Think back to every job you’ve ever had. Every hobby. Every time you were excited about something you had created. Everything points you somewhere.

By looking back at our relationship with work, we can make much more confident decisions about our future.”

Music: Mahalo by Ratatat
Instructors: Dennis Crowe and Michael Vanderbyl