Vintage Cars

A Petrolicious Time Machine.

For auto enthusiast Petrolicious is a website that you really need to bookmark. For those of us that love classic cars, and well made short films, Petrolicious Vimeo channel is a must. The five minute short below, is an incredible story of an Italian man’s 1939 Peugeot, his restoration of it, and a discovery that changes everything. The short film is a great story, complimented by nice editing, cinematography, and post work. If you get a chance, watch the other wonderful short films on Vimeo here.

Time Machine from Petrolicious on Vimeo.

“Old Timers” by Mirko Frank.

This is a must have for 2013. A calendar of vintage cars photographed by Stuttgart based photographer Mirko Frank. The calendar features 12 vintage cars with a brief history described below. The “Old Timer” calendar images are absolutely beautiful to look at, and the cross section of featured autos is quite fantastic. Everything from an Isetta, to mid-sixties Mercury.

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