Vintage Electrical Products

Cord Envy.

I have this thing about cords. I hate them. I look for ways to hide, conceal, remove, purge and make them invisible every chance I get. I keep thinking by this point in time, along with the flying cars we were promised in the Jetson’s, cords and cables were supposed to be extinct. Unfortunately they aren’t.

Since electrical cords are still a necessary evil in my life, I might as well use an extension cord that has a certain amount of panache. Over at Best Made Company I came across a series of vintage cloth wrapped extension cords that actually look stylish enough I wouldn’t want to hide them behind anything. They come in lengths up to 10 feet and are available in 3 colors which is pretty much ideal for any interior room.

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The cost is $34.00 per cord which isn’t to bad for something that looks this nice. While I wouln’t be using this to power the home entertainment center, I would use this for any lamp in my house that requires me to run a cord across the floor to an outlet.

  • 10 feet round “pulley” style cotton cord
  • maximum voltage: 600, maximum temp: 105 C
  • three conductor cloth covered wire
  • three brass prong with rubber plug
  • to be used indoors for small appliances