Vintage Formula 1

The Vintage Racing Archives of Suzy Dietrich.

This has been making the auto enthusiast blog rounds for a couple days now, but I think it’s pretty cool so I am posting about it as well.

Last October Suzy Dietrich’s collection of mementos from her racing career were auctioned off to a private collector. With that sale, there was a distinct possibility that the films in the collection would be screened once and then sealed away hidden from the rest of the world.

Recently Cliff Reuter announced that he had won several of the film auctions and was digitizing the films for release on Etceterini.

The clip below is a small taste of what the archive holds. and there’s more to come in the near future. If you get a chance check his Suzy Dietrich video page on The other two clips are some additional racing eye candy for a Friday afternoon. Taken from the Digital LP: Fresh Moods/ Exhale, written & produced by Peter Haubfleisch.