The Juggernaut, “Generations”.

The two videos below from the Juggernaut show the finished work the Toronto based group produced for Kettle One, along with the making of video. While the making of is short on details thanks to no narrative, the film does show how they put this together. The result is an interesting blend of old school pen and ink work, letter press, CNC routing, green screen work compositing, and footage shot on a drone. It’s a nice blend of old school and new school art and animation techniques. I can’t imagine the time it took to put this together, and how much pre-visualization had to go into it. Really nice work.


ABSOLUT VODKA commissioned Designer Thomas Feichtner to design of a new vodka glass to compliment their new hand crafted small batch vodka , ABSOLUT ELYX. The vodka is distilled from wheat that is grown within a few miles of the distillery, in the original copper kettle from 1921 used by ABSOLUT.

Drawing inspiration from other design projects he has been working on, Feichtner created a three leg glass that is produced by hand with the highest quality workmanship of which was key to this vodka’s concept. The glass picks up formally on many of his previous works while retaining an independent character.

“I’m fascinated by the formal alternation between positive and negative, between sine and cosine. And here, I absolutely wanted to separate the glass’s body from the surface upon which it stands and thereby also create a visually independent and self-sufficient object,” Thomas Feichtner

To compliment the glass, and the special vodka ABSOLUT and Thomas Feichtner have created a unique cocktail to go in it. The “Absolut Feichtner” which is comprised of a bit of wheat syrup and lime juice, and a shot of Peychaud’s syrup and a dash of Angostura Bitters. I haven’t tried it yet, but the ABSOLUT web site describes it as “rather light in body with floral aromas, supporting the vodka’s natural taste. The soft coppery hue that refers back to its origin: The nearly 100-year-old copper kettle No. 51 in Åhus, Sweden.









Calling All Designers. The Modern Craft Project.

Wallpaper magazine has teamed up with Kettle One Vodka to to identify and support today’s craftspeople (Great Britain, Germany, Brazil, and Australia only for now) who want to take their work, skills, and themselves to the next level. The Modern Craft Project is an ambitious undertaking that is open to anyone that thinks they have what it takes.

To promote the project Wallpaper and Kettle One have created a wonderful little video featuring various craftspeople practicing what they do best. While I love the idea of promoting the arts, that isn’t why I am posting this video. I’m posting it because of the editing and sound design. The look is great. Shallow depth of field, focus on the work being done, etc. The editing though, just crushes it. The cuts set up a visual rhythm that builds with ambient audio that creates a percussive musical score for the piece, and then fades into the quiet of the artisans in their studios.  If you have headphones put them on while watching, if not turn up the volume.

Here is a secondary support video that I found while trying to find production credits for the video above. The video that is loaded on Vimeo is more of a brand promotion for Ketel One, but still supports and links to The Modern Craft Project. And yes this video is really well made as well.

So This is What I’m Drinking, hic…

I am a man who has been known to partake in an adult beverage or two, and I have to say I am a big fan of a refreshing cold libation. I think it is this steeped experience with alcoholic beverages that drew me to these images of various alcohols, and mixed drinks.

These images are made by crystallizing the liquid on a lab slide, then magnifying them up to 1000 times under a high power laboratory microscope. The photograph is made after the light passing through the glass slide is polarized. This polarization of the light creates the fantastic color spectrums seen in the image.

The images shown here are available via BevShots MicroArt. The prints run $19.99 and would be perfect for any psychedelic bar, or rec-room.

White Russian





Mint Julip