Wallace Credenza

My End of the Year, the Mayan’s are Wrong Christmas Wish List.

Here we are again, in the middle of the Christmas holiday season, and it’s time for me to post my wish list just incase the world doesn’t end tomorrow. If there is a secret Santa out there that want to help me fulfill my needs, feel free to deliver any of the gifts below to Modular 4 between now and Christmas.

The theme this year focuses on well designed relaxation. Something I am going to need to shed the stress that has built up anticipating the end of the world on December 21st as the Mayans wrongfully predicted.

Item one is the Eames Leather Lounge Chair and Ottoman. This iconic piece of furniture will help me rest and relax for weeks to come as I forget about how I was supposed to float off into space as the earths gravity reversed on December 21st.  It also ties into the next few items.


Item two will further my relaxed and unworried mood by wrapping my ears in ambient cocoon of sonic bliss. The Klipsch M40 noise canceling headphones will help drown out any background noise as I sit in my lounge chair with feet propped up on the ottoman.  These headphones not only offer excellent Passive Cross-over Network, Active Noise Reduction, they look good and sound better.


Item three will help me fall into complete sonic bliss. Nothing says relaxation like a fine bourbon whiskey. That is where the Pappy Van Winkle comes in. This stuff is extremely hard to find, so Santa if you’re reading this, I have tried very hard this year to be a good boy. If you bring me this whiskey, I promise I’ll share with you.


Item four is an essential part of any good Bourbon or other whiskey drink. Whiskey Stones. These innovative soapstone cubes were designed by Andrew Hellman to cool your drink without diluting the spirits you are consuming. They are Milled in Perkinsville, Vermont by the oldest soapstone workshop in the United States, and paired with crystal glasses made in Slovenia & the Czech Republic.



All of this does me no good if I don’t have a stylish and powerful media player to deliver soothing music to my ears. This is where Item five comes in. The new Olive One media player. Not only is this beautiful to look at, it is packed with state of the art electronics that deliver Hi-Fi sound quality and the ability to play back pretty much any media source.  Olive has always produced some of the best digital media players on the planet, and with the Olive One it goes to the next level in design and functionality.



This scenario wouldn’t be complete without a place to store all of my fine whiskeys, the media player, barware, and other relaxation accouterments. This is why item  six is a fitting choice for my post “end of the world didn’t happen” bliss. The Wallace Credenza from Thrive is a great example of mid-century modern styling updated for the 21st century. This hand built American Walnut cabinet is simply stunning to look at and it has loads of storage for booze, book, and music.

Credenza_01_V3_00002_noBGAll this play and no work leads to a life of sloth. Since sloth is one of the seven deadly sins  it would probably be in my best interest to get my boozed up butt off of the Eames lounger for some outside activity. This is where item seven, the Ural Patrol motorcycle with motorized sidecar comes in handy. With this retro inspired, utilitarian workhorse of a bike, I can transport myself to any wilderness location for hiking and outdoor activities. This bike is the Jeep of motorcycles so getting to remote off road locations shouldn’t be an issue.

orpat2Hiking requires a good set of boots amongst other things. Item eight on my holiday wish list is a pair of  Garmont Tower Gore-tex hiking boots. The stylish red color matches the color of the Ural bike, and the look says this guy knows how to climb mountains. A must have for when I am hanging out back at the lodge drinking my Pappy Van Winkle.

GarmontI like to document my hikes with photos, but I hate carrying a tripod, and yes sometimes you need to steady the camera to get the shot. That is where item nine comes in. The Novoflex Walking Stick and Monopod. It’s ultra-lightweight at 9 ounces, collapses to 25 inches and expands to just under 60, and features a 1/4 inch screw mount to attach  your camera via the tripod mount.

monopodAfter a long day of motorcycles, hiking and photographing, what better way to wind down  before slipping back into my lounger than with soak in this amazing wooden soaking tub from Rapsel. The Ofuro tub would be a great way to unwind after any long day. This wooden tub is extra deep, and the clean simple lines won’t add any superfluous visual detail to distract me as I think about end of the year activities now that I know for sure the world hasn’t come to an unexpected halt on December 21st.

TubSo, Secret Santa, or regular Santa, if you are reading this… I have been very good this year.