Wallpaper Magazine

Calling All Designers. The Modern Craft Project.

Wallpaper magazine has teamed up with Kettle One Vodka to to identify and support today’s craftspeople (Great Britain, Germany, Brazil, and Australia only for now) who want to take their work, skills, and themselves to the next level. The Modern Craft Project is an ambitious undertaking that is open to anyone that thinks they have what it takes.

To promote the project Wallpaper and Kettle One have created a wonderful little video featuring various craftspeople practicing what they do best. While I love the idea of promoting the arts, that isn’t why I am posting this video. I’m posting it because of the editing and sound design. The look is great. Shallow depth of field, focus on the work being done, etc. The editing though, just crushes it. The cuts set up a visual rhythm that builds with ambient audio that creates a percussive musical score for the piece, and then fades into the quiet of the artisans in their studios.  If you have headphones put them on while watching, if not turn up the volume.

Here is a secondary support video that I found while trying to find production credits for the video above. The video that is loaded on Vimeo is more of a brand promotion for Ketel One, but still supports and links to The Modern Craft Project. And yes this video is really well made as well.