Spring in Kansas City

This afternoon storms rolled in from the South. While walking the dogs at the furthest North point where Main Street runs out at the Missouri River, I turned around to see this. The sky just turned from overcast to boiling in a matter of minutes. The photo was shot on the iPhone and color corrected with Camera +.


A Super Cell Thunderstorm in Texas.

Summer is almost upon us, and Kansas City feels like a hot sticky mess outside. It’s 92 degrees and I think the humidity is the same. All of this adds up to ripe conditions for thunderstorms. The video below is a time-lapse captured by Arizona native Mike Oblinski near Booker Texas on June 3rd, 2013. The video was shot on his trusty Canon 5D with a 14mm Rokinon f2.8 lens. The video shows the super cell thunderstorm as it develops and changes over time becoming more and more powerful.

Snowtorious B.I.G. 2013

Well the first big snow in the last two years hit Kansas City this morning. Right now there is 8 to 9 inches on my driveway and I wish I owned a snowblower. I could start shoveling, but it just seems futile at this point. Maybe I’ll grab the OMD and go for a walk. Looks like good Photo opportunities await.


Stefan Trifan’s Minimal Weather.

I spent my Black Friday shopping on the Internet, and avoiding crowds. While bouncing around the cyber malls of the world, I came across this wonderful little screen saver for OSX. It’s free, it’s minimal, it provides information I can use, and it relates to where I am.

You can download it for your city free here.