Web Fonts

The Quick Brown Fox Jumped Over Lazy Mice, and some ants.

A couple of weeks back FontFont and Stark Films pushed out the video below to Vimeo to promote the launch of Web FontFonts with OpenType features.

“Mice, ants, and the lazy dog.” is a fun little spot that features muted color pallets, forced perspective, optical illusions, Mice, ants, and nice little soundtrack. While the film doesn’t directly communicate any information about the new OpenType features, it does keep you visually interested, allowing the copy below the video to sell, and hopefully get you to click through. Using video, FontFont and Stark Films have tried to reimagine the new feature set in a stylized and ingenious ways. Whether you click through or not, it’s a fun little film to watch.

Are You Typecasting? You Should Be.

If you aren’t using Typecast in your web design process, you should really check it out. I use Typecast on pretty much all of my freelance work, because it helps me do a better job of designing, and meeting my clients goals and needs. If you are unfamiliar with Typecast and what it can do with Web Fonts, watch the video below. It might change the way you think about web design.

“Because we built Typecast with CSS under the hood, updating web designs is a whole lot easier than updating .PSD’s and Comps.”  True, true, true.