Wieden and Kennedy

The Worlds Largest Stop Motion Video

To promote the quality of the cameras in Nokia phones, Weiden and Kennedy have produced what is being claimed as the worlds largest stop motion video. Partnering with Aardman Animations the “Gulp” video made a new Guinness World Record.

Filmed entirely with the Nokia N8 camera, the video aims to show off the quality of the Carl Zeiss optics and its 12-megapixel photography capabilities. Three phones were placed 120 feet above ground using cherry pickers, in South Wales. The height was needed to create a 16 by 9 canvas that measured 137 feet by 78 feet in size. Filmed over the course of one day, the result is… the worlds largest stop motion video.

Along with the video, I have included the making of as well.

Behind the Scenes. How They Make “Old Spice”.

I love Wieden and Kennedy’s spots for Old Spice. They never fail to entertain, they’re funny, and well written, and Isaiah Mustafa is a perfect fit for the Old Spice character. Now, as much as we would love to think that these shots involve a ton of CGI, compositing, and post work, they are all pretty much shot in one single shot with some insane cinematography going on. Watch the video below to see how the latest spot was created. This is just crazy amazing.