Williams Sonoma

A Little Design Sweetness.


Today at Williams Sonoma I found this. The Zoku Quick Pop Maker. I didn’t buy it, but I think I am going to.

You can make your own frozen pop treats using Williams-Sonoma’s Zoku Quick Pop Maker.  According to a video on the retailer’s website, you can make pops from fruit juice, from flavored yogurts, or from sugar-sweetened drink mixes. (Anyone over the age of 30 probably remembers something similar to this that you mom made using Tupper Ware molds in thee freezer.) The only constraint is that the liquid must be sugar-sweetened, using table sugar, honey, maple syrup,  molasses, or Fructose the sugar found naturally in fruit. So you are out of luck if you want to use artificial sweeteners like Splenda.

Similar to a small countertop ice cream makers, you keep the Zoku base unit stored in your freezer until you want to use it.  The base is filled with a “proprietary liquid” that quickly cools three pops in about seven minutes. You can make up to nine pops in a session.  The Zoku unit doesn’t require electricity and it doesn’t have moving parts, so if you have kids, they  can safely make their own frozen pops.

The Zoku Quick Pop Maker comes with six pop sticks with leak-guards.  It also comes with a tool to help remove the pops from the non-stick aluminum mold  It’s exclusive to Williams-Sonoma and sells for $49.95, or you can buy two units for $79.95.

By the way, did I mention how cool this looks? Pun intended.