Wine DJ

iPhone App of the Week, Liberty School “Wine DJ”

Hope Family Wines, a family wine producer with over 30 years of growing experience in Paso Robles, CA, is inviting consumers to drink to a new beat. Today, 72andSunny announced the launch of a breakthrough new retail marketing effort for Hope’s Liberty School label.

The program includes integrated in-store signage and “bottle-neckers” (a fancy name for bottle hang tags) that direct consumers to the “Wine DJ,” the first iPhone application built for the retail wine industry. The application builds a playlist of “Music to Match Your Spirits,” based on the mood and setting in which Liberty School wines will be consumed, The iPhone application is a free download via Apple’s iTunes, or the app store on your iPhone.

Users access specific playlists that correspond with their mood by using a set of sliders which range from “Candle Light” to “Strobe Light” to “Flying Solo” or “Entourage.” The application then generates a custom playlist with music sourced from Music presented in the playlist also has a direct link to the iTunes music store for in app purchasing.

The application is designed to promote Liberty School wines and  comes bundled with extensive information about the wine, including technical information and tasting notes, and a map showing the nearest retailers that carry the wines. Hope Family is a champion of the anti-snob approach to drinking wine and they were eager to embrace new technology and non-traditional marketing methods to get its wines in front of Millennial audiences. The iPhone offered the perfect opportunity for them to do just that.

The Wine DJ app offers something original, fun and valuable to our customers,” says Hope. “Who hasn’t wondered what wine to open on a date, or what music to play at a dinner party? The Wine DJ app facilitates any music and wine scenario, and will hopefully attract new wine drinkers to discover the Hope Family brands in the process,” he adds.

With the launch of the Wine DJ, Hope Family Wines is asserting its role as an innovative vintner by combining technology, music and affordable wines in a creative retail program geared toward the Millennial generation. According to the Wine Market Council, a non-profit association for the wine industry, the Millennial generation encompasses over 70 million people (born 1977-1998), which adds on average 5% more new adults to the U.S. population per year than did Generation X (Generation X totals just 44 million). Hope hired cutting-edge Los Angeles-based strategy, design and creative advertising agency 72andSunny to create and design the iPhone app, which will be supported by a shelf-talker and bottle necker that promote the app, which will change the way a wine communicates in the shopping aisle.

“Everyone wants to market to this group and every year, their buying power becomes more and more influential,” says Hope. “I believe the best way for Hope Family Wines to reach the younger generation is to embrace the world they live in, which is increasingly dominated by mobile products like the iPhone,” he adds.

The WINE DJ Liberty School iPhone app is compatible with several wines within the Hope Family Wines portfolio: Liberty School, Candor, and Treana. Liberty School produces a Cabernet Sauvignon ($12), Syrah ($12), and Chardonnay ($12). Treana Red ($50) is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, and Treana White ($25) is a blend of Marsanne and Viognier. The multi-vintage Candor label produces a Merlot and Zinfandel ($18). Under the Austin Hope label, Hope Family Wines sells limited-production Grenache and Syrah ($42).