Wine Rack

That Wine is STACT.

Wine racks are one of those things that haven’t really changed much over the decades. Most racks consist of boxes stacked together at 45 or 90 degree angles big enough to hold a bottle on it’s side. So when I saw STACT on Kick starter this morning I have to say I was just a wee bit happy.

STACT designed by Eric Pfeiffer is a modular wine storage system that is made from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum and premium wood veneers. The system is modular, and scalable to grow with your ever expanding collection of fine French Bordeaux’s.

Each STACT panel comes with pre-installed anchors for a secure mount to the wall via the included F-brackets. The system allows you to mix and match six finishes which include walnut, white oak, zebrano, piano black, pure white, and electric orange.

Right now STACT is going into production with delivery scheduled for November. For more information go to the STACT Kickstarter Page.

“With a modern aesthetic in mind, STACT is crafted from high quality aircraft-grade aluminum and premium wood veneers, with a high-end appeal previously found only in modern wine cellars, avant-garde restaurants, and wine bars. The patent-pending versatile and space efficient modular design is infinitely expandable and customizable, a cinch to assemble, and seamlessly integrates into any space or décor.”


Nice Package. Nice Rack. Wine Packaging for Domaine Gerovasilliou.

Athanasios Babalis, has designed a really wonderful wine rack/gift box for Domaine Gerovasilliou comprised of a series of boxes that contain one, two and three wine bottles each. Each box can accept a minimum of two different bottles of the same size, with the larger boxes holding up to 4 bottles total. By stacking the individual boxes they begin to form a wine rack that can hold up to 9 bottles total.

Babalis  says that the shape of the box was chosen because it is sympathetic to the shape of most wine bottles and because it also looks like a bunch grapes when seen from the side. The box has a handle which is integrated directly into the packaging so the wine can be carried without the need for additional packaging or a plastic bag. Babalis chose to use Oak plywood as the main material because it makes references to the Oak barrels the wine matures in. The client logo is etched into  the box and a hang tag label is tied to the handle which explains the concept and the multiple uses of the box beyond the packaging.

What is really nice about this is the fact that Babalis has used sustainable, materials to create an innovative packaging design that promotes not only a green solution, but a tactile stylish answer to presenting, transporting, and storing wine.