Winter 2010

Trying to Put a Positive Spin on Winter 2010

Looking to the South and West from the main roomin the house.

This morning I was thinking I haven’t really posted anything about the house for a while, and that was the original point of this blog. So as I was sitting in the living room enjoying my morning coffee, and pondering the winter wonderland outside my window, I decided now was as good a time as any.

Anyone who lives in Kansas City, or the Midwest for that matter is very aware that we have been in a deep blanket of snow and cold since the 24th of December. Actually I’m thinking if you have seen or read any news in the last two weeks you are probably aware of the grip “Old Man Winter” has on most of the country right now. Well rather than post some long hate rant about the snow and cold, and believe me I could, I thought I would try to find the positive side of this. We still have over 2 and a half months of winter to go, and according to the experts its going to be a very snowy winter.

So here is what I decided while sitting in the living room and gazing out the expanse of windows that covers my house from floor to ceiling along the south wall.

The snow might be a pain, but the view is spectacular. It really is. The 3/4 acre lot that my house sits on is covered in deep white. The 3 acres to the South and West are a mottled white and brown mass of trees and prairie grass. And there really is an amazing amount of wildlife to see. In the last week and a half all the animals that live in the woods have ventured out in search of food and perhaps better shelter. The deer are frequenting the field, and I’m pretty sure the fox or a opposum has set up residence beneath the overhang beyond our deck. I see tracks coming and going, and Cosmo is convinced that he needs to go in and find what ever it is living beyond the snow drift nestled safely against the side of the house. I still can’t believe that there are this many animals living this close to the city. I’m less than half a mile from 7th Street and the 39th Street corridor. It’s just crazy.

So while I’m not looking forward to shoveling, and trudging through the snow and cold, I have to admit it looks pretty nice outside.