Art, Copy & Code. Nike’s “Phenomenal Shot” campaign.

The business of advertising is a tricky game. You need to keep one step ahead of the competition, constantly create memorable and unique advertisements, develop those ideas across an ever expanding horizon of channels, and constantly create something new for your client. One agency that seems to do this with ease on a regular basis is W+K and when they team up with Grow and Google they produce something really unique that shows just how the world of advertising is changing in clever new ways.

In a campaign for Nike, W+K and Grow created a series of Real-Time ads that were designed to let fans celebrate, remix, and share customized posters, and images within 10 seconds of a sporting event happening live. “Phenomenal Shot” uses a Nike sponsored player rendered  in 3D along with a series of prewritten headlines, phrases, stickers, and filters, that allow fans to remix that moment and share with friends across a variety of digital networks.

The Real-Time Ads are rendered with a  3D-Engine and then distributed via the Google Ad Network across all devices creating an immersive experience powered by HTML5, CSS, and java script. Using the gyroscope that is built in to smartphones and tablets fans can spin the Nike athlete in 3D space to create the perfect shot before embellishing with ad-ons. Since the entire experience is rendered with WebGL the experience happens within the browser and there is no need for plugins or a dedicated app. Pretty damn slick, and a great way to promote your brand without being overly pushy or doing a hard sell. For more info on #ArtCopyCode click here.

W+K’s Wonderful Press Kit for Nike. “Write the Future” FIFA World Cup.

With the World Cup in full swing, companies are pulling out all the stops for tie in advertising. Nike having eclipsed Adidas in football sponsorship is no exception. Nike’s agency of record W+K hired Diem Chau, to carve a series of crayons as football players. The players make up team members in an exquisite press kit for the “Write the Future” campaign. All of the football players are personified in crayon carvings and wrapped up in a beautiful fold down museum box. The box contains the full color printed booklet, a walnut block that holds the crayons, and doubles as a display stand, and a description of all the players in the set. Absolutely wonderful.