Wolfgang von Trips

The ArtRage Motor Sports Series Number 7.

I recently finished the book “The Limit” which I have mentioned in this series of posts over the last few weeks. One of the main subjects in the book, deals with the inner team rivalry between American Phil Hill, and German Wolfgang von Trips. Both drove for the Ferrari team, but were in many ways pitted against each other by Ferrari himself.

The image below is based on a publicity photo for the Ferrari team. I’m sure the photo was staged with a slower moving car staged to come into the line of site as it approached the photographer. It was typical for the period. One thing about it, it sets up a great composition, and while it feels a bit staged it does capture von Trips in action.

The image is from 1959/60. It shows the classic front engine Ferrari of the era. Once again, the cars have no seat belts. They average 150 miles per hour, and life taking wrecks were common on the racing circuit each year. Less than two years after the original photo was taken, von Trips would lose his life at the 1961 Monza Grand Prix, when his car careened off the track killing von Trips and 11 spectators in the stands.