Our National Parks are Closed. Thankfully We Have Them on Film.

Since the United States totally screwed up government decided to act like a bunch of Jr. High Jackwagons shutting the government (and national parks) down, here is a series of beautiful┬átime-lapse┬ávideos. If you can’t visit a national park, you can at least see some stunning video footage of them. These videos show the amazing American landscape void of any politicians or political influence. Just nature at it’s best.

Be Inspired by a Wonderful Story. “Caine’s Arcade”.

When film maker Nirvan Mullick stopped into Atlantic Auto Parts in East LA, he discovered an elaborate cardboard arcade built by Caine whose father owns the store. After buying a two dollar fun pass for 500 turns, Mullick decided to change Caine’s life by creating a short film, organizing a flash mob, and setting up a scholarship fund.

This is such an inspiring little film. Caine is filled with so much life, and the kid is filled with that special innocence that only a 9-year-old could have. The movie captures that so well. I could talk about all the wonderful technical aspects of Mullick’s film. Color, cinematography, editing etc. but this is truly about Caine’s Arcade and the story behind it.