A Short Documentary on Creative Commerce.

If you work in any creative field you need to watch this. And by creative field I ma not limiting that to “The Arts”. This is a very nice, spot on documentary short from Eskimo that touches on so many things that surround creativity, and creative commerce.


Photographer Cade Martin’s “Wonderland”

Since I’m on a photography kick this morning, I thought I’d post some images by Washington DC based photographer Cade Martin. Martin has a new series of work that he recently added to his portfolio titled “Wonderland”. The images feature members of the Washington Ballet in fantastical settings in and around the DC area.

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One of the things that I have always like d about Martin, is the fact that even though the shots are heavily staged, much of the magic is in camera, not post processed. I’m not saying that Martin doesn’t use Photoshop, I’m saying that Martin manages to capture  the light and atmosphere in a way that you can’t fake. These shots are truly masterful in their own right. If you have the time browse the portfolio on Martin’s website.