This Just Made My Friday

This just made my day. I hope when I’m 90, I’m as sharp and as skilled as Jim DeBoer. Watch the video below and be prepared to be amazed. I’m not giving up any spoilers so sit back, relax and enjoy. It might be the best 6 and half minutes of your day.


The Bushmills x Grado Labs Headphones. Cans Made From Whiskey Barrels.

I like whiskey, music, and design. When you combine all three, it’s love. Grado is producing a line of headphones made from Bushmills whiskey barrels. The limited edition headphones are hand crafted, feature vented backs, leather headbands and ear cups.

Designed by Elijah Wood & Zach Cowie, these aren’t light on tech specs. They feature dynamic operating transducers with a frequency response of 16hz to 26kHz spl at 1mW – 98dB nominal impedance – 32 ohms driver match – .05dB.


I’m Lusting ILLOT this Friday Afternoon.

I have a thing for retro styled digital cameras. Its one of the things that attracted me to the Olympus EP and OMD series cameras. I don’t have a thing for film anymore. I have moved fully into the digital camp and this is where I’ll stay. That doesn’t mean that I don’t have a soft spot for retro film cameras though. Especially cameras like the ones that are being done up by ILOTT Vintage.

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ILOTT collects and restore select vintage rangefinder cameras taking great care, time and pride in refurbishing each camera that they acquire.The cameras are put through a series of rigorous tests to ensure that they are field ready before being sold.

Taking the cameras to a new level, ILOTT replaces leather body coverings with premium quality wood veneers tailored to each camera for a unique vintage appearance. Since no two cameras ILOTT creates are exactly the same, they continue to restore cameras rather than rely on the collection they already have on hand.The cameras are wrapped in Mansonia, or Mahogany which is applied by hand after the camera has been restored. I love the Argus C3, but I have to say the Mahogany Canonet QL 17 has me all lusty this afternoon.

“We love the mystery of not knowing where the cameras have been before, who has used them and what photos they might have taken.”

The Water Tower Chair.

New York City’s Design Week kicks off tomorrow, and one of the items that will be featured is “The Water Tower Chair” from Bellboy. The chair is constructed from old growth California Redwood that are reclaimed timbers of a New York City Water Tower.

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The chair will be auctioned off as part of The 12×12 Show which features 12 woodworkers that were each selected to create a piece from the historical timbers of one of twelve different New York City sites. The proceeds from the auction go to benefit woodworking education for the non-profit Brooklyn Woods.

The Water Tower Chair is absolutely beautiful. Fluid lines, combined with the deep rich tones of antique redwood. The chair feels so solid yet almost floats above the floor on thin dark legs that seem to visually recede beneath the chair seat.