Woodland Wiggle

Woodland Wiggle at Royal London Children’s Hospital.

The benefits of “play” as a therapeutic healing agent are proven, and what better way to engage children than with a fun interactive game. “Woodland Wiggle” is an interactive game at the Royal London Children’s Hospital that features a giant screen that lets child patients engage with on an immersive level. The entire room is filled with soft toys that are integrated into the game itself allowing children to play and interact with both digital and physical components.

The game is designed to look and feel like a children’s book that allows the kids to play music, paint, draw, and engage with their body movements. Working with physicians the designers built the game to encourage movements that would have the highest therapeutic effect on the patients. What a great example of technology being used in such a helpful and healing way.

Woodland Wiggle from Chris O'Shea on Vimeo.

Full details on the game are at chrisoshea.org/woodland-wiggle

Artist Chris O’Shea
Producer Beccy McCray
Executive Producer Luke Ritchie
Development Producer Claire Spencer Cook
Production Assistant Carmen de Wit
Illustrator and Animator Felix Massie
Composer and Sound Designer Brains and Hunch
Documentation Editor Dave Slade
Production Company Nexus Interactive Arts