“An Undertaking”, A Genuine Relationship With Life, Death and Sawdust.

This is a story about love, craft, and connections. It is a beautifully filmed and edited piece about a grandmother’s request of her grandson. Do yourself a favor and take 8 minutes out of your day and watch this. This is a great little story that is touching and heartfelt. It’s worth watching, not only for the story, but for the beautiful visuals, and the emotional connections that are captured here.

“Michael Yates’ passion for working with wood arose from the wood’s accessibility, its palpable presence and the hope that his efforts would last. But when his grandmother requested that he build her casket, the stability of oak collided with an evocative “conversation” with impermanence, death and the inevitability of absence. In spite of his initial fear and resistance due to our culture’s steadfast avoidance of the D-word, Yates eventually agreed to build the casket and began the real work of constructing a genuine relationship with life, death and sawdust.”


Chopped. Nugget Hollow from NuxNux Design.


A friend of mine sent me a link to the Nugget Hollow table from HUXHUX Design, and I have to say I am quite taken with it. What appears to be such a simple shape and minimalist piece of furniture, is actually pretty complex when you think about the joinery need to make this work. Two corners are removed from the box to allow light to escape. The corners are removed at a 45 degree angle, with a mitered 45 degree angle leading into the center. I guarantee you that is not an easy task to cut and assemble. I love the sculptural, geometric shape with the color and fill emanating from the inside. Each table is hand made from solid birch and finished in Carbon or Glacier White. The interiors are stained in Acid Green, Sky Blue and Nu Orange. If you want it, you can buy it here for a cool $515.00.

HUX-NH_01_-3 HUX-NH_05_-1


Year of Design: 2013
Description: Side table / Stool/ Lamp
Country of Manufacture: USA, crafted by hand in NYC
Finish: Varies, see below
Dims: 18 x 18 x 18″
Packaging: 24 x 24 x 24″

Exterior Finish Options: Carbon, Glacier
Interior Finish Options: Acid Green, Sky Blue, Nu Orange

Desktop Chair by Moku Woodworking Cradles Your Tablet.

When you have a piece of computer hardware where the design is as simple and elegant as the iPad, the last thing you want is an ugly stand to hold it. You want something as simple and elegant as the tablet itself. Something that blends in, or fades away.

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Desktop Chair by Moku Woodware does just that. The stand is a simple piece of bent hand made basswood that cradles your device at a slight angle in both portrait and landscape mode. When in use, the only visible portion of the stand is the bottom lip that is about the same height as tablets bezel. The simple shape is wide enough to support up to a virtually all tablets and laptops with a thickness of 1.2 inches. The interior features a non slip base for added protection.

At $37.99 the price is right to.

Loyal Dean Longboards. Hand Crafted Wooden Beauty.

A life time ago I was an avid skateboarder. I spent hours at the skate park and on the streets honing my skills on a variety of 4 wheeled planks. Back in the 80’s the trend was for shorter wider boards designed to be ridden in pools and half pipes. The long boards of the 60’s had given way to a new style of riding. Longboarding is making a serious comeback though, and if you are going to take it up, you might as well do it in style.

Loyal Dean makes hand crafted longboards from recycled Oak, Maple, Cherry, Mahogany, Bubinga and Teak. The design team has over 25 years of experience and it shows. The boards echo the look of old school surf boards and the longboards of yesteryear. The line consists of four decks that range in price from $360.00 to $400.00. A price that seems pretty fair for a hand crafted original from California.