Worx Mower Review (first impressions)


Each time that you mow your lawn you are contributing to air pollution. One gas lawn mower will emit the same amount of air pollution as 11 late model cars. By getting yourself a Worx ECO Lawnmower you will be able to mow your lawn guilt free.

I bought the cordless Worx 19 inch mower in an attempt to be just a bit more green, and to avoid having to store gasoline in the garage at the new house. I’ve used it one time since I pickedĀ  it up on Friday. These are first impressions of the mower so far.


Assembly was a piece of cake. Open the box, knock down one side, roll the mover out, lift handle and lock in place. The grass bag simply needed to be snapped to the back. The mower was ready for use. Well ready except for a battery charge.

Charging the Battery.

Charging is well, a pain inĀ  the butt. The charge time is 16 hours for a full cycle, and what they do not tell you is the battery must be fully discharged and recharged about 3 times before it is ready for optimal use, (17,500 square feet on a single charge) I made it a little over half way through my yard before it died. This is partly my fault, I cut the lawn much shorter, and the grass was a bit damp. In addition I decided to mulchwhaich puts more strain on the motor, and drains the battery quicker.


Using the mower is straight forward. Push the key, pull the handle and it starts. Unlike a gas powered mower, it is quiet with just the sound of the bladepsiining like a giant fan making any noise at all. The mower itself is a bit heavy. The battery ways in at 35 pounds, so the over all weight is about 45 pounds. This makes it great for flat yards but I wouldn’trecomend this mower for inclines or hilly yards. It is just a pain to push up hill, and there is no self propelled option on the mower.

It did a great job of mowing. It cut the grass well and mulched like a dream. The only trouble I had were in very dense areas where the grass was extremely tall. In those areas the mower would start to choke, but if I lifted the front end it would spin back up and continue with no problems at all.

I was able to mow half my yard on the first charge. Total distance, 1.73 miles according to the pedometer in my iPhone. I know, it’s not the most accurate but it gave me a rough distance. Once again this was cutting 8 inch high grass down to 3 inches. More than half was in the shade, very dense and damp with dew. I’m thinking that as I use this a bit more and get the lawn cut to a consistent length, battery life will improve.

So far I’m pretty impressed with the mower. It was easy to assemble and use, and did a fairly good job on the yard straight out of the box. WhatWorx needs to work on is battery life, charge times, and weight. I’m thinking as battery technology improves they’ll get there.

On a closing note, one thing that I am impressed with. Worx has a full recycling solution for the batteries. Send them back and they completely recycle the battery and all the nasty junk inside helping to make themower a bit more green.

Going green with the Worx Mower

Going Green, Cutting the Green.

Going Green, Cutting the Green.

For the first time in 10 years, I’ll be mowing my own lawn. I have decided to go green with a cordless electric lawn mower. Based on customer reviews from the web, I have decided on the Worx 19″ cordless electric mower. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but I think it will be worth it. I like the idea of a zero emission mower, and Worx has a battery recycling program for that time when the battery needs to be replaced.