One More Time.

When I started working on the series of ArtRage iPad illustrations of racing cars back in December, I did it as a personal exercise to learn a new tool. As I worked through those images, it became pretty clear that while technically proficient, they lacked something, and need additional finesse from other design software like Photoshop, and Illustrator.

ArtRage for the iPad does a great job getting me started, but using Adobe products is like speaking a second language, and the ability to tweak, is endless. I’m not starting another ArtRage/iPad project to post on my blog, but I did want to post and addendum image that shows an ArtRage/iPad image combined with more powerful tools running on more powerful hardware.

I love my iPad and the creative freedom it brings me, but some tools can’t be replaced. This image started as a digital painting rendered from a pencil sketch on the iPad. It was imported into Photoshop, and combined with Illustrator elements to complete it.

As I work through these I am finding a whole new workflow, and way of creating. It’s really kind of exciting.

Adobe MAX.

I’m heading out to sunny Southern California tomorrow not for a week of R and R, but to attend and speak at the Adobe MAX conference in Los Angeles. Because of this, posts might be brief over the next week. What I remember from last year is limited phone reception, and WiFi.

I’ll probably post brief updates from the conference itself, and I hop I don’t bore the hell out of everyone when I do. Now I am going to go and finish up revision 1,238,467.3 of my presentation.